Friday, September 7, 2012

Another new room :)

 I thought I took some before pics but can't find them. We are blessed with one of those super small bathrooms. I hadn't touched it since we moved in 9+ years ago and hated it so my amazing hubby tackled it a few months ago.I still have a few finishing touches but my focus is changing onto baby :) so I figured I'd just post it anyway.
 We had the walls retextured from the yucky orange peel spray to match the rest of the upstairs (we had done everything else 3+ years ago), he added beautiful crown molding and trimmed the mirror and door.
He did all the painting and everything :) All I did was pick out colors and go shopping! My favorite thing in bathrooms is towel hooks, no more straightening towels for me!

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Colleen said...

Very pretty, I love the gray/purple combo!