Friday, August 31, 2012

Laundry Room 101

 So we had a huge laundry room built in the basement when we built our house, really it's almost the size of a small bedroom :) Of course I had great dreams and visions of what it would be like and 9+years later we are very close to those dreams!! Thank you pinterest and THANK YOU HUBBY!!!
 This is before, just piles of  mess and disorganized yuck
 I was really lazy and even keeping it clean which is ironic since I expected my clothes to be clean after being in that room :)

 A few weekends later.................... Now I have a huge 6 foot shelf to fold on and everyone has a bucket.....
 with their name on it. The kids have been bringing their dirty clothes to the laundry room for quite some time but now they get to come get their clean clothes too! I haven't carried clean laundry to bedrooms in weeks :)
 Still a little paint touch up to do but I now can say I like being in this room :) hubby bought an in-wall ironing board to that needs to be installed and then I may bring my ipad and watch a movie and never unlock the door : JK I don't like laundry THAT much but I do love my laundry room that much now.

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Amy said...

Dang that looks soooo nice! Wish my laundry room looked that organized!