Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Summer Fun Friday

 Most of our outings this summer were on Fridays, not all the time but many of them. I had to have something to bribe the kids with and have something to look forward to during the week :) Of course Chris was always working hard and missed out on most of our summer adventures. So the last fun friday we decided to kidnap him and take him along :)
 We'd heard rumors about Nickel Center in Provo.  I found some coupons so we decided why not? Once you pay the cover (it's only $2.50 to get in but free is better:) all the games are yep, a nickel. How did I not discover this place with 3 boys earlier? It is a little run down but hey, for $5 each of nickels we were there for 2 hours and the boys almost lost their voices from screaming and playing and getting so many tickets.

 A little DDR competition was in order and yes, I did get on the mat and dance myself too!

 Kayden hit the jackpot and got 50 tickets off of 1 nickel. Can't really see it from the below picture but they went wild :)

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